Welcome to TRU 2021!

Trimaris Royal University is designed to provide a full day of classes for artisans and scholars to share their passions with those passionate to learn. 

Though we cannot be physically together en masse, we can still share our smiling faces (Zoom), hands-on Tutorials (YouTube+), and our love of the Dream and our Art/History.

Bardic Circle starts at 9:00 PM EDT / UTC-4

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Meeting ID: 817 9202 7244

Password: TRU2021

Bardic Sign up Sheet


You do not need to register to attend - show up on July 10 and click the link to the class you want to attend!


Bi-Annual Jongleur Laureate Competitions Will Be Held at TRU2021


Entries will be submitted in a digital format to 
by no later than July 9th.​

Jongleur - Performance of "bardic" works documented within the confines of the SCA's time boundaries. 

For more information, visit the Laureate Competition Rules Kingdom page


Chancellor of
Trimaris Royal University

 HL Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh
MKA Bethany Rowlings (FB)


Please upload class Resource Files/Links using this form

If you have difficulty, please email:


Word from the Laureate

Posted April 29, 2020


I am honored to serve as your current Chancellor of the Laureate for the Kingdom of Trimaris. 

Jongluer Laureate is back on for TRU! Video Recorded performances are due to the Chancellor of the Laureate no later than July 9th. For more information on how to enter, visit our Kingdom site

A quick thank you to all you judges, deputies, and past Laureates who have helped shape this amazing training tool and venerated competition to-date. 

Vivat Trimaris!

Master John Lyttleton, OL OP

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