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Welcome to TRU 2022!

Trimaris Royal University is designed to provide a full day of classes for artisans and scholars to share their passions with those passionate to learn. 

We are so very pleased to be coming together this summer, July 16, 2022, at Camp Kiwanis, 19300 SE 3rd St, Silver Springs, FL 34488, to share our arts and our love of the Dream and our Art/History.

To check out our classes, Click Here!

July 16th 2022 - Camp Kiwanis
Event Quick Contacts & Info

Chancellor of
Trimaris Royal University

HL Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh
MKA Bethany Rowlings (FB)


Event Steward:

HL Hextilda Marshall

MKA Kimberly Calvin


Mistress Thalassia Helena

MKA: Amanda Fessenden

(please put TRU in the subject line)

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Word from your Laureate Chancellor:
Jongleur Laureate Competition at TRU!


I am honored to serve as your current Chancellor of the Laureate for the Kingdom of Trimaris. 

Jongluer Laureate will be held at TRU! For more information on how to enter, visit our Kingdom site

A quick thank you to all you judges, deputies, and past Laureates who have helped shape this amazing training tool and venerated competition in Medieval Performance, to-date.

For more information, visit the Laureate Competition Rules Kingdom page

Vivat Trimaris!

Duchess Cerric Eld Veghandi, OR, OC

Pre-Register and Early Submit your "When, Where, What, Written and Performed by" one page presentation of your period medieval performance piece to: laureatechancellor@trimaris. or bring it with you and sign up in real time. See Schedule for time and Event location. 

Guild Hookup

Join Trimarian Scribal

Check out the Trimarian Scribal facebook group >> and learn more or share your knowledge today!

Join Trimarian Brewing Enthusiasts >>

The Brew that is true may indeed be for you. Join our online group and learn today!

Join Trimarian Cook's Guild: Kitcheners >>

Feast your eyes and learn to churn, my friends. Learn more about our kingdom's Medieval Cooking resources and more!

Costuming: The Honorable Company of Seamstresses & Tailors >>

Whether you Fight or Frolic, Sing or Serve, you have to wear something. Join us and learn to make a more authentic kit. Sewing is best done with friends. Won't you be ours?


Chaching-Chaching! All that glitters is gold... or is it? For more on how to get started, contact 
Sir Sayf Al-Dawla Bin-Arslan Al-Rumi >>

Join Us in Song

Trimaris Music and Performance >>

FB Group for Trimaris Choral >>

Instrumental, Song, Foolery, Theater, Performance, Writing, Poetry, Prose, and More. All the worlds a stage, my friend. Are you a Player? 

Join Us in Song

FB Group for Triskele Tradecrafter’s Guild >>

Triskele Tradecrafter’s Guild
(Fire, Metal, Wood, Leather, Glass, Jewelry)
Baron Gavin McFergus and Jarl Valbrandr
Ron McCormick and Nathan Thomas

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